Curiosity killed the cat!

By | May 19, 2014
This is a guest post from somebody who is very close to me. I can only thank her for her time for this beautiful thought provoking post for my blog. 

You can find her here: Rashmiandi
Her blog: rashmiandi

The post starts from below:

Curiosity killed the cat” the famous metaphor, which is commonly used to warn of the dangers of the unnecessary investigations.

This was something my elders have always referred to, while addressing me. I have always been adviced to follow the safe path, the path which has been walked by my fore fathers, fathers, brothers and now by me. And probably they would also tell the same, to my kids. I have always thought how can a curiosity kill the cat?. If there wasn’t curiosity in our lives today,we wouldn’t be what we are.
Just imagine our lives,without electricity,without a phone,or just without fire.
Curiosity and Creativity goes hand in hand. First you are curious to know what it is, then there is creativity which pops in trying to make something new out of the one which is already existing. Thus you create something extraordinary from the ordinary.
If it wasn’t curiosity, then what killed the cat?Its the question to be asked and discussed as to what did? .While i started to write this post I was sure, that curiosity dint kill the cat,then the thought of what did always haunted me.
The curiosity of living better has always made the man to try and think , reinvent and rediscover things but there is also one thing, which is alarming or I might say that the “CLOCK IS TICKING”.Though we are heading towards the world which is on our finger tips,we are or in fact have, already killed the emotional, the sensitive, the compassionate, the non materialistic part of ours and have become the machines we once invented.

Gone are the Days!

When we had the patience and time to write letters.The eagerness in waiting for them to return.
The time we spent in appreciating each other with no special interests of ours own.
The joint family culture.
The indoor or the outdoor games which we played.
The walk with the special person on the beach.
The compassion with which we understood, our close ones.
The time we spent appreciating nature and living with it in peace as one.
                                               Gone are those Days!
                                       When we waited for those Letters,
                                             Solving the science Maze,
                                            We lost, the love in Fritters.

Now are the days!

When we use e-mails,instead of the handwritten letters !
We are so well connected with each other,that the word “Miss you” has become truly impossible to imagine.
We have video games replacing the indoor or outdoor games.
The walks are not all the time practical, so we have replaced it with gifts.
Living with nature as one, is just a dream.But tell me if i can benefit from the nature and i will be there.
The emotions are the only things other than the reasoning which separates us from the rest.We,are the only set of mammalians who have the power of reasoning ,so being curious is the trait we all should have and develop. Curiosity gives rise to creativity,which creates, redefines and recreates the “MAGIC” of the ones already existing.
So the “Curiosity never killed the cat” but the “Over dependency on those curious materialistic things” did !
Experiment, Explore, Learn, but also remember, What makes us a Human being and what keeps all of us together in Harmony 

11 thoughts on “Curiosity killed the cat!

  1. Mayura Amarkant

    “Don’t ask so many questions.” “Why do you want to know” “Apna Kaam kar” – I guess this also killed the cat.
    Thank you for writing such a thought-provoking post.

  2. Saumy Nagayach

    This is such a well written post by Rashmi! True that curiosity gives birth to creativity and our expectations nourishes them! Beautiful and thought provoking post!! 🙂

    Glad you shared this Anil! 🙂

  3. Bhargavi

    Wow Rashmi..neatly written. It just keeps us going. As they say, “curiosity is the mother of invention”, you elaborated the above quote so well! I loved the reasoning for who or what killed the cat..’Over dependency on those materialistic things’ so true it is!


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