Save Water, Save Life

By | May 9, 2013

Save water and many liveS

Amidst this busy life, let’s make it an agendA

Vow to protect her like Lord ShiV

Educating everyone about the ecological balancE


Waging a war against the eviL

Accordingly reducing our times in a JacuzzI

Tabooing people involved, even if he is a chieF

Exercising the duty to reuse and conservE

Radiating the message to save more and more lives



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5 thoughts on “Save Water, Save Life

  1. Sanket Bayer

    Nowadays percentage of rain is decreasing very fast and it affects on water resources ,So "Save Water, Save Life" is 100% true because if we dont have water to drink then we are not able to live more time.


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