Review of Tantra

By | June 17, 2013


Review of Tantra

Title: Tantra Author: Adi

Publisher: Apeejay Stya Publishing Publication date: April 2013

Category: Fiction Pages: 344

Price: INR 189/- ISBN: 9788190863629


About The Author:

Adi is a science graduate of Stanford University with an MBA from the Harvard Business School.


How I caught hold of this book?

It was through the Book review program by I applied for it and I got it.

First Appearance:

As per, we had to put up the review of the book in 7 days. A woman with untied hair and a knife on the right hand with blood dripping from it. It signifies the braveness as well as the character of the woman. The woman is looking to strike just like the lightning in front of her. The faces watching from the sky, for me symbolises that she is being watched and needs to be careful. The face resemble something negative considering the night sky. In the centre is the word ‘TANTRA’ in red.



The book I received from blogadda had a clean print and was very easy to read. I think I must be thanking, rather appreciating the publishers for that. The story for me wasn’t interesting at all. It took me a lot of time to finish the book and eventually the delayed review of the book. I was literally chased the Blogadda folks to put up the review. That’s what made read the book.

The book doesn’t seem interesting and would only people who are crazy about vampire stories. Also most of the stories depend on the title of the book, ‘Tantra’ which is mind over matter. Anu could have made lot of justice to the book by having tighter plot and not leaving any loose ends. The editing is really bad, as I ended up finding lot of grammatical errors and it was a difficult to finish the book.

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The author, however, fails to give his characters distinctive voices. New Yorker Anu sounds just like her vampire-hunting counterpart in New Delhi. The writing is far too banal and it could have been better edited. There many typos littered across the length of the book. Anu is the vampire fighter here in New Delhi, basically from New York, she is here to take revenge but there’s an annoying aunt who wants to get her married. Let me not get more deeper into the plot.

Lastly, there are too many loose ends. The main reason Anu travelled to India is barely touched upon. The fate of a few pivotal characters is not mentioned towards the end. 

Tantra is engaging but its below par writing and careless editing severely impairs the novel concept its author has tackled.

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I would rate this book 1/5. For anybody who loves guns, planning, plotting, politics, army, snipers and some romance go for this.  

You can buy this book at Flipkart.


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