Payana – The Journey

By | August 26, 2009
The poem published in the post The grand prix of life was written by my friend ‘Ananth’ and it was his first attempt. He’s been writing poems since then. Below is an image of his 2nd one.
Its been titled as ‘Payana’ meaning ‘Journey’. It was written to the same guy again. Click on the image to sharpen the view.

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One thought on “Payana – The Journey

  1. rahul r

    ananth murthy is kavirathna devadasa. oopa kaalidasa.. what a poem man.. Ananth is a role model for aspiring poets not only in india but also in pakistan,afghanistan and bangladesh too.. so anil plz publish more poems of ananth on your blog., he seriously needs a medium to expose (his talent!!)


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