Final year project – finally….

By | February 17, 2009

It has been almost 2 weeks since my 8th sem started and it was today that we ended up with an idea for the project. Before I write more about this, here’s some interesting stuff about ‘we’: 
  1. We are a team of FIVE students- Ananth, Anil, Ashish, Atul, Harshal. Basically we call it AAAAH… or AAHAA (this is the funnier side of it).
  2. We have TWO guides.
  3. Among the five, THREE of them are placed in Bosch, but still we couldn’t find a project there.
Now, when all the people in our class were busy with there projects (few were pretending to be busy) we were thinking what to do. One of the team members had come up with a super concept, but sadly it dint materialize as our final year project. I say this because I believe we’ll give it a try later. If we had delayed this for one more week then probably we would have had to buy a project and exhibit it. 
Fortunately, for us one of the member’s father’s friends owns a small scale industry near Hosur road. We contacted him regarding the project. Today was that day when we traveled 30km to get to know stuff about what we are going to do for the next few weeks. We reached Shahshi Uncle’s factory called ‘Unit Alpha’ at around 12noon and had a look at the big machines there before we could speak to him. We could make out the interconnectivity between the different branches of engineering. A machine assembles a chip for the computer, but the machine itself is run by a program.
Soon we ended up in his chamber and he gave us a basic idea of what we could do. All of us discussed for an hour regarding this and decided to do the project. Well it’s something to do with a lever and its advantages. We realized that we would actually be using whatever we have studied in our course. So tomorrow is the day when we’ll scratch our heads regarding its design. We’ll also be using concepts of pneumatics, linkages, material science etc. Taking all this into consideration, it is an awesome project. 

After the GD with uncle was done, we left to Hygrade steel Pvt. Ltd. It is a friend’s dad’s steel factory. We could see some machines that might be used by us in the project. Enjoyed the cool breeze on the terrace of the factory and started our journey back to Bangalore riding  below the electronic city flyover. The flyover is turning out to be awesome and will probably ease the traffic there. Finally, our final year project has begun.     

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  1. Pawan

    Finally u got a project .But it seems u have not yet started working on it.


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