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Places around Bangalore

Just done with 3 exams of the 7th sem, and a 5 day mini holiday for the next exam made me and some friends discuss about a trip from college. We desperately want to make it this time. All the previous sems it has ended up only in a discussion. I would say its pretty… Read More »

Mekedatu (Goat’s leap)

It was that time of a semester where we were feeling the need for a break from the usual go to college, listen to lecture for 4hrs, attend practicals, go back home routine. Well, you would understand this if you were an engineering student. So we decided to visit some place, and this was the… Read More »


It was a week before our 4th sem started, we had stuck to our homes after the return from goa and boredom was at its peak. The result was a ride to a place called Devarayanadurga near Tumkur road. Me, Aditya, Pramod and Srikiran confirmed our participation. I don’t remember the date, it might be… Read More »

GO GO GOOAA!!!!!!!!

The third sem had finally come to an end and we were discussing which place we have to visit this time. We had decided on Coorg and it was kind of fixed. But then things took their own turn we somehow had managed funds and ended up booking thirteen tickets to GOA. Our departure was… Read More »


It was the first week of August(2006), just few days for our 3rd sem to start. We were beginning to get worried of life becoming monotonous again for the next few months. So it was time to gather at ‘The poms place‘ and discuss things. The outcome was to go to Shivagange on our bikes,… Read More »


Exactly 2 years back, I had just finished my 2nd sem exams and I jokingly asked my friends whether we could go on a trip to some place. I have to say the reaction from them was amazing. July 21st, 2006 we gathered at ‘The poms place’ and started our discussions as to which place… Read More »


Am back to blogging after a long time, now that my exams are half way through i dint get any better way to relax. So let me write about the third place. Before i move on OOTY, i would like to tell you about Bannerghatta National Park (BNP). On 22nd Feb, 2001 me and a… Read More »