By | June 27, 2008
Am back to blogging after a long time, now that my exams are half way through i dint get any better way to relax. So let me write about the third place. Before i move on OOTY, i would like to tell you about Bannerghatta National Park (BNP).

On 22nd Feb, 2001 me and a group of friends decided to visit BNP. By morning 7am i got ready and left my house, reached Poms place(Pramod’s House) where another 14 ppl were waiting. We slowly walked to the nearby bus-stop and took a bus to Kempegowda Bus Stand(KBS). This is when i got close to many of them. Jo had got a camera and we all were excited cos it was the first time we were goin to BNP, i mean all of us. From KBS we took a bus to Bannerghatta, reached after an hour or two.

One by one we got down from the bus and started walking towqards BNP, one of my friend used some influence and we dint pay any entry fees. The first animal we saw were the elephants. We started exploring the place in our own way, came across so many different animals, birds. By 1pm we were done and were damn hungry, so we sat under the shade of some trees and opened our lunch

boxes(sounds lik school kids right???), though i’d not got any lunch box, i ate

everything from everyone.

Then it was the time for Safari. We bought the tickets and then entered the safari bus, i took hold of the camera. The bus started and we entered the deep man made forest, in the process saw many animals, took snaps and returned by 3pm. Then it was the time to return, on the way back we became adventurous and explored the surrounding localities. We found a hill slope, climbed that and

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reached the top which gave us a sight of emptiness, enjoyed the whether there

and finally returned back home by 8pm. It was highly refreshing and helped us

relieve our stresses and i found lot more friends.

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