Seattle and Kannada

By | February 26, 2020

During May 2018, the way Sahyadri Kannada Sangha celebrated Ugadi festival, inspired my wife to do a painting. It describes Seattle and Kannada in togetherness. I fell in love with that and below is the link where you can find that:

You can find the painting on her colorful blog
Seattle and Kannada celebrations
Painting by Rashmiandi

I was wondering when will I be inspired so much to write something in Kannada and i found an opportunity this month. One of the SKS board member posted that they were looking for two articles in kannada:

  1. About Washington state
  2. About Kannadigas in Seattle

I jumped on this and said I’d like to try. He got on a quick call with me and said what he was expecting and apparently 6 people had signed up for it. That’s some competition and challenge. There are many people who can ace at this, but not sure why they didn’t sign up.

He had also mentioned that this would be part of a big announcement for Seattle Kannadigas. I put my heads down, recollecting my kannada vocabulary and wrote both the articles and shared it. The big day came, and I was eager to know if mine were the selected ones. My text was converted to a voice over for a video and It made me so ecstatic that mine was the chosen one. The announcement indeed was big for Seattle and Kannada.


Every opportunity is a challenge by itself, a challenge to yourself to pursue your interests and get better at it every time. The articles I wrote are very basic, but I learnt a lot while writing them, which means I will be even better the next time. Thanks to the team who chose my article.

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P.S : I wrote this in English, another challenge to myself and also the wide reach the language brings. Links to those articles coming soon.

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