By | September 23, 2015
A device so small
And yes you can make a call
Not just a call, but there is more to it
Like watching a movie, while you shit
It has replaced a lot of other things
Radio, clock, camera and other things
Let it not do the same to your relations
‘Stay connected’ can be its caption

The letters you wrote
Are now the messages you type
When you want to make a note
There is nothing else but type
The emotions you expressed
Are no more suppressed
Thanks to the stickers
Its turned all of us into clickers
Its bought the world in our hands
Turning them into a magic wands
Sitting at your own small world
You are connected to the big whole world
Click your own photo with no one
And share it to everyone
But take care of malware
An uninvited criminal in the software
This is a device that’s of use
When used in the right way
What you do, is what you can choose
And its here to stay
Do not make this your addiction
It will lead to your own abduction
When a friend is nearby at sight
Go walk, shake hands and hug him tight
Its useful for sure, but has its cons
Without power its just a pawn
Live your life outside of the mobile
Go walk the talk and stay mobile!
 P.S: My mom sent a message about how the mobile has changed things and asked if i could write a poem on it and i tried!
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