1191mi Day 1 – Bellevue to Eugene

By | August 10, 2015
Here are some details and pics of the Day 1 of 1191mi trip:
Starting from : Bellevue, WA
Destination : Eugene, OR
Departure time : 5PM PST against the expected time of 3PM PST.
Rental Car: Chevrolet Cruze
From : Enterprise Bellevue
Distance: 300 mi Approx.
Time taken : 6 hours.
Lodging: After my failed attempt of looking out for hotels to stay under my budget, I decided to go on Airbnb and finally found a place that made me comfortable and  I booked it. I must agree the procedures that Airbnb has put in place for registering and booking a place is quite commendable and it makes you feel secure. Be it the owner or the renter.
We reached the place around 11PM and the owner who was sharing a room, to our surprise was awake and gave us a warm welcome. She led us to the room, it was cozy and a small room enough for two. The electric rice cooker that we carried was put into good use and within no time, we were ready to doze off.  The drive was an usual freeway drive and nothing much to mention about apart from a rest area stop we had.
It was a long drive till Eugene and sadly we didn’t find much use of the camera.
Here is the route:
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