Oct 5th 2014 – The Date

By | October 5, 2014
There was something special with this date. A date on which I along with many other folks embarked on a new journey without being aware of the challenges that were ahead of me and the good or bad times that I would be facing in the future. Going back five years down the lane, I placed my first step into the ‘Infosys Univeristy’ at Mysore and was mesmerized just by its vast architectural marvel. It was like a experience what I had heard from different people. That’s when I did agree and made a statement, for once in life you need to be there at the Infosys Mysore Campus. 

It was a journey to the unknown
Along with few friends known!

My journey started with a good friend Vivek from Bangalore, and we managed to squeeze ourselves into the overcrowded train and our luggage made its way through the emergency window. After reaching the destination is when I met some of the other friends from my college. 

Waiting in the queue
Greeting the friends, we made new
As we entered, excited
At the same time perplexed 

Yes, indeed I was excited and also perplexed about what is next?  Five years have passed and I must definitely thank Infy for everything that I have gained professionally. The visuals of the first day still haunts my mind and so does the future. There are a lot of things that I learnt, lot of friends I made and a lot of things that I have done which I never thought of doing. 

Moments have passed
Their memories remain
We revisit them again
And sometimes feel blessed!

Yes, I do feel blessed for being part of this organization mainly for all things it has offered me. It is and will always remain special!.

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