The Garbage man

By | August 17, 2021
I sit in my living room,
As i hear the the engine vroom
I am mesmerized by the work that you do
When i see, i ask my dad to
Step out and show me what you do?
I don't know if its the machine that i am in awe
Or the man who cleans up our flaw!

The excitement in my son’s face when he sees the Trash truck arrive, he immediately wants me to take him out. I enjoy that child like excitement he shows or is it curiosity? When the garbage man arrives, I wonder what else runs in the little one’s head. When I explained to him, what the garbage man does, he wanted to pretend to be one.

Everyday he started accompanying me in the morning to get the trash out and starts singing, “I am a Garbage man… I am a Garbage man”. Our conversations went on to different kinds of trash, what days is the trash picked up from our community. We also spoke about recycling and what it means and noticed that the big trash cans in our community were full every time we went there..

Like I said above we spoke a lot. One day he made me speechless by asking, When will garbage man take rest if we throw so much trash?

I think there is more to it than the literary meaning. More poetry here.

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