Friend – Arcostic

By | October 9, 2016

Friend / Pixabay

This is Day 3 for #introtopoetry. Day three is Friend, and we are supposed to use Arcostic.

Here is my Arcostic (Read more)

Eager to be your friend
Needles to say, it was a trend
Eyeing you from day one
Making me run for fun
Your presence is missed my Friend!

A small write up about the poem:
Why an Enemy when the poem is about a Friend? The dog was always an enemy to me as it had bit me once when i was kid Until i met ‘Bubbly‘. She was a Labrador and befriending her was a trend in our family. I was successful in becoming her friend while she made me run in the initial days. She is physically not present today but always in my memory. An enemy who taught me how to be a FRIEND!

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8 thoughts on “Friend – Arcostic

  1. Ramya Rao

    I have always believed in this quote-” Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” This post kind of sums that up. Although that quote is in a different context. 🙂 And you just don’t know when a enemy shall turn a friend.
    Beautiful post. 🙂


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