The Review of Barfi!

By | September 30, 2012
 As the title of the movie (rather I would like to call it as cinema) suggests, it is sweet. It leaves you, I mean you leave the movie hall wanting for more. You end up stretching your index finger and thumb and greet the next person you meet. It’s the way BARFI! Makes everyone smile.
  The movie begins with a ‘Picture shuru hogaya’, one of its kind song which also asks the audience to switch off their mobiles as the titles roll up showing you names of all the contributors for this amazing piece of art.

  NobodyNothing is perfect, and the same applies to Barfi! If not followed keenly, the sequence of timelines might mess up your mind. Though the movie is mainly focused on a deaf and dumb guy you never feel the lack of dialogue as the music by Pritam complements every scene of the movie. You might feel a lot of Charlie Chaplinism in the movie, but then considering the specifications of the character Barfi, it had to be compared to Charlie Chaplin movies. But Ranbir has come up with his own style of communicating with zero decibels. Way, way better than what the other Kapoor named Tushaar tried in Golmaal.
  Anurag Basu has weaved a magical journey with help of Ranbir Kapoor, the next happening star in Bollywood. I don’t want to take away credits from any of the character in the movie. Priyanka Chopra as Jhilmil is convincing and is very effective. She yet again proves her caliber. Ileana couldn’t have had a letter debut in Bollywood. She gets to play different ages in the movie. You can’t miss Saurabh Shukla, the one who paves your path into Barfi’s life. Without him, the movie would have definitely not left a mark on the audience. The humor is very pleasant but I am sure at times, it makes your stomach ache. It will also make your eyes wet, melt your heart and makes you feel that spreading happiness is the motto of life. You probably begin to value your relationships more. Go and savor the sweetness.
I would rate it a 4/5. I am deducting one because I wanted more of Barfi!.
Things to watch out for in the movie:
  • The song during the start of the movie when the title is rolling.
  •  Priyanka Chopra’s Convincing Jhilmil act
  • The soulful music.
  • The body language of Ranbir Kapoor.
  • Charlie Chaplin acts of Ranbir Kapoor.
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