French Fries…. Yummy!!!

By | August 23, 2008
I would like to share with everyone a recipe for making French Fries alias Fingerchips. It was 6th sem holiday time, one of my good pal Rahul from college calls me up and shares his recipe of French Fries. Now why do you think he called me and told??? Its because  both of us are very passionate about cooking. He also told that it comes out very well and damn tasty. A week went by and finally I decided to Prepare French fries. It was a Sunday afternoon, I suddenly walked out of my house and bought a kilo of potatoes and a packet of ‘Ashirwad’ chilli powder. Below is the step-by-step guide to make French fries.
Requirements: Potatoes, salt, chilly powder, cooking oil, tissue paper.

  1.  Peel the potatoes with great accuracy.
  2. Now cut the potato in the shape of long sticks (similar to fingerchips). 
  3. Deep fry the pieces of potato in the oil, until you get reddish brown  color.
  4. As you take out the fried pieces, place then over a tissue so that it becomes oil free. 
  5. Now take the half completed fingerchips in a bowl. add salt, chilly powder as per your requirements and mix well.
  6. Your French fries is ready to eat. 
  7. Serve with ‘Kissan’ Tomato Sauce.
Fortunately for me the steps 1 and 2 were done by my Sis-in-Law.
Indeed the taste was awesome and I told my friend about it. So he said ‘Spread the recipe and stop wasting money in McDonalds‘. So as per his wish I am spreading it. Try it and comment here. 
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